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How to reset Moodle and UKH Email Password?

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How to reset Moodle and UKH Email Password?
by Akam Omer - Wednesday, 11 October 2017, 10:59 PM

Hello Every one,

Moodle account creation is mainly based on UKH email address (The email address that provided to you by UKH starting by [email protected]).

First Step: UKH Email

Before your sign-in to moodle, please check if you can access your UKH email address, try it here:

Then enter your UKH Email and Password! if you logged in successfully, then you passed the first step.

IF you can't login, please reset your password online:

Or Visit IT Room to help you reset your account!

Second Step: Moodle Account

Resetting password for your Moodle account is mainly based on your UKH Email address, because Moodle will send the password reset link to your UKH Email.

IF you can't login to your UKH Email, then you can't reset your moodle account password. Please use below link to reset your Moodle password:

Please always ask IT Admin to help you resetting your password if you get any issue while you tried!